A Miracle called Love

Love, a reward for putting everything at stake
Something can never be fixed unless it breaks
First touch of love always seems so tragic
But the only thing we got closest to magic

A recklessly sweet heartbroken cupid
Though innocently caring, still a stupid
Hiding emotions he faked so many smiles
And naively considered this as his style

Humble, hardworking  he was insanely gifted
But beyond the realm of reality he drifted
Crashed and maybe the saw the world too soon
He was mature, wise but seemed like a loon

An unnecessary victim of a destiny’s fraud
All he enjoyed since was mocking the gods
He so felt disgusted and betrayed by hope
Always away from his fate he used to lope

In this crime though all culprits were named
With no point in a revenge, himself he blamed
Still unsolved though it was a riddle rustic
About why didn’t he ever demand any justice

Though he was right but pointlessly strong
His honouring of broken vows was still wrong
His dreams shattered cause of all lies fed
He’d pick up all its pieces though he bled

From his impulses with no one to protect
Purposely he used to get himself wrecked
Too soft hearted for the heavens as well
Gods banished him to the moon to dwell

He was fragile from within but acted so tough
Unnecessarily made himself suffer alone enough
Years went past and now his time has come
His rants, excuses were entertained by none

Obnoxiously scared while gliding over clouds
Doors all closing, he searched for escape routes
Stubborn cupid with no more reasons to frown
Chased around, cornered and finally sent down

She was cheerful, pretty and yet so simple
A blissful smile that blossomed with a dimple
Innocence, smartness, a bit of pain for sure
Made up the perfect bait for him to be lured

Time broke bonds in which he was shackled
What followed next left him totally baffled
Took her just one look straight in his eyes
To settles in his heart’s erratic emotional tides

Losing all the pain that was to be rightfully his
He searched for the one who could explain this
Fate took away his happiness, now even pain
Can do without sunshine but at least let it rain

He ran and then he hid with all his excuses in vain
Wondered was it her presence taking away his pain
Knowing he’ll be helpless and surely would fall
In hopes of avoiding this he put up huge walls

The sun setting slowly when they took a stroll
Not just his heart, she even touched his soul
One moment, few words made that final stroke
He stood there in silence as his walls all broke

One who could clearly see through his illusions
And maybe brave enough to break his delusion
With each step of hers the mist began to fade
As she walked through the mirage he had made

Weakened, he crumbled at her first sight
Afraid, insecure but her vibes felt right
All his wounds while she was trying to heal
Also unknowingly his heart she would steal

Maybe her heart longed for the crimson sea
That moment was the one he tried to flee
Maybe she was the one favoured more by fate
As he then crashed into another closed gate

Trying hard to hide that he’d already drowned
Behind his smile while he acted like a clown
Afraid that she’ll see the truth in his eyes
Desperately hoping that she wont realize

Beyond his ruins she found a treasure chest
Existence of which wasn’t known by the rest
One who found his treasure without any maps
Maybe she was his one, the only one perhaps

Not the one he wanted but someone he needs
Whatever that happened was magical indeed
Situation that left him speechless from inside
He walked along quietly with her besides

What was it, if not a conspiracy by gods?
To make him fall for her against all odds
Showering stars lit up sky glittering bright
As they stood quietly under the moon light


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