Brain v/s Heart

They’ve been fighting long since ages
Even in books and on so many stages
Is love a reality or just a dream?
Or a nightmare where devil screams

Brain is surely prudent and smart
And has always lectured the Heart
She wont return, she is long gone
Just be wise enough and move on

What should it be if its not madness?
The real reason behind your sadness!
How can you be so humble and kind?
Ever after she stabbed you from behind!

Frustrated the brain always questions
Why be there for her in all situations?
Heart reminds him about promises he gave
And to be questioned he is not a slave

Heart as always is stubborn as hell
Sarcastic, arrogant but polite as well
“Brain! Keep your wisdom to yourself
It will either be her or no one else”

Away from warmth, you’re burried in snow
Dont talk about the things you dont know
You feel no bliss, you feel no pain
Untouched by magic of love you remain

Its his decisions and consequences to bear
Hell with logic! Heart doesn’t really care
He loves endlessly with conditions none
In these battles always Heart has won!


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