Chronicles of Love

A new chapter of the present Times
Where the spark of enchantment shines
A chapter the Bard himself teaches
Values of love and faith he preaches

Infatuation, amour everything combined
The concept of love totally redefined
A couple united in the heavens itself
A miracle, the Bard witnessed himself

Her peace in him, his happiness in her
They’re missing pieces of one another
Two heart completely fluxed into one
With trust so strong compared to none

They’re naughty, flirty and jealous too
With problems and distances so few
True Love is beyond being obsessive
Its totally normal to be so possessive

With each and every effort they took
And the way at each other they look
Shows love can triumph over every wrong
And make normal people limitlessly strong

All secrets shared and not a single lies
Due to which every other heart cries
Promises they made, promises they kept
Hearts never broke and never have wept

Their hearts weren’t made for each other
Unquestionably they were made together
Two hearts so innocent, caring and sweet
Together in endless symphony they beat

A ravishing destiny both of them share
First love which lasts is extremely rare
A simple story without complex twists
Who says fairytales dont really exist?


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