Cupid’s Rain

Long separated by the drought of connection
On opposite banks of dried river of affection
Under the sky of their never ending doubts
Anxiously wandering in search of new routes

Years under bright empty sky they’d been
Their struggle and loneliness Cupid had seen
Exhausted by the heat of misunderstanding
Shade of amour both hearts were demanding

Forever the ghost of his dreams he chased
Happily in silence loneliness he embraced
With winds of past as he tried to cope
To keep safe the last flame of his hope

Forever for a miracle her heart had waited
To escape this nightmare that was fated
Time didn’t bring in any change it seemed
As she passed by locked gates of her dream

Cold winds of attachment whispered in his ears
Unraveled story behind her silence and tears
That of dark cold loneliness she was scared
And longed to be held by someone who cared

Light drizzle, cold wind and temperature fell
And then he realized something new as well
As he felt dead freezing chills on his skin
Telling him how weak she was from within

Down from his face drops of rain rolled
For you a caring heart still waits they told
A companion with whom eternity to spend
But hurry fast her patience is nearing end

Fog dispersed, stepped in shivering cold
She walked towards bank to see truths unfold
Long at a distance someone she could see
The one heart forever and only hers to be

Pouring showers totally drenched her wet
Asking her heart all the pains to forget
Slowly did her suffering all turn mild
As she saw across unknowingly she smiled

Her beliefs, her hope; higher they soared
Ending reigns of sadness as Weolcan roared
Assuring, his heart will beat only for her
Not just for a lifetime, but beyond forever

It was almost the right time and Cupid came
Riding Weolcan, keeping a close watch on them
Winds blew, hopes gathered and clouds spread
Binding spell of love when the Cupid read

She gazed at him and he looked ahead
Wondering if its worth all tears he shed
He walked ahead letting go of his past
Anxious, she too followed through atlast

Reason for his fading beliefs was his pain
Which Cupid noticed as it started to rain
Only she could melt his heart that was frozen
Cupid knew she was the one fate had chosen

Both unwilling to swin across to other shore
But desperately hoping that heavily it pours
A path to be followed which they must
Both fearful due to few issues of trust

No idea of what his life was turning in
He looked up with a questioning grin
While she smiled, looked down and walked
Opening door to her heart that was locked

Straight up ahead they both saw a bridge
Long ago they were once told of which
Where lights of hope and love still shine
Bonds formed here last longer beyond times

Affection and care together where they blend
Both stood waiting at the bridge’s two ends
She stepped ahead with her weakening will
With a confused heart he stood there still

Struggling hard she came right to the middle
As he still continued solving his heart’s riddle
Weakened to the core suddenly she fell down
But he did catch her before she hit the ground

Cherishing togetherness which he almost lost
She hugged him tight melting away all the frost
By bringing them together, fate paid its debts
Awaiting wonders the Cupid smiled and left


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