Fated Trap

For long blinded by love and lies he had been
While restlessly chasing an obnoxious dream
Destroying his life just for the sake of his ego
Day now arrived when he’d finally have to let go

Fate saved someone for whom she searched for
Someone who’d never give her pain or scars
One who’d mess up paintings on any given day
But would paint her life in most colourful way

One who was to make her believe in love again
And scare away all her nightmares and pain
One who will promise and mean his forever
And work hard enough to be happy together

With stream of rhymes running out of flow
The rustic poet in him was dying inside slow
Surprisingly enough then he got this vibe
That someone was coming to get him revived

Finally after all these years of such long wait
He never knew he was to stumble up on fate
His heart wandering destiny without a map
With perfect timing he walked into fated trap

That wonderful evening when finally they met
Was such a moment which they’ll never forget
What followed next was something unexplained
But that night in his life affection heavily rained

The next day all baffled and surprised he was
After checking how long they both had talked
His heart disconnected was drowning in dark
And suddenly surprisingly a connection sparked

At first one who seemed all lost and mystic
Turned out a heartbroken hopeless romantic
Only a dream of being loved in his heart
Which long had kept him from falling apart

He showed her a world she’d never seen
After which so hopeful she’d never been
She totally trusted each one of his verse
Believing that love actually isn’t a curse

Then he let go off his past as he began to fall
She became brave enough to save him from all
For one another unconditionally they cared
Endless happiness of togetherness they shared

His words opened gateway of her dreams
Where happy together surely they seemed
In that dream her heart was then stolen
She woke up to realise that she had fallen

Someone who could easily make him smile
She was the one he waited for all this while
He now was sure and not at all scared
As she graced him with all love and care

Everything crystal clear without any doubt
Then he went on ahead and asked her out
Drowning in that moment of happiness
Before he finished she answered, “Yes!”

Together with their smiles glowing brighter
She hugged him tight, he hugged back tighter
Knowing she would never let him get lonely
He promised to be her first and her only

Those feeling surely beyond all rhymes
With affections touching across all times
Happy about how their story had grown
Into a magical fairy tale of their own


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