Love is?

Love is mystic, love is arcane
Love is a mystery still unsolved
A question asked since ages
That still needs to be resolved

Love is pain but also peace
It’s something everyone needs
Love is a cure everyone deserve
Irrespective of their deeds

When the wait becomes too long
And it seems all hopes are gone
Warmth of love gives strength
For us to keep holding on

Love is immoral, irreplaceable
Same as the light of the moon
It brings pleasance, peace to souls
Just like a calm winter noon

Love is pure, love is true
A fruit that ripens very rare
Unnoticed it slowly does grows
On the tree of affection and care

Love is innocent, love is kind
It is beyond right and wrong
Even after all the troubles
It is what keeps us strong

Love is magic and also miracle
That happens every once in a while
Love is sorrow, love is happiness
And tears that come with a smile


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