Hell Again?

An innocent child he was, gifted by gods with a demon to keep him from harm the world might do to him. His demon was vicious and grew stronger over the years as things got tough. The child would let his demon devour any person without any mercy, who meant harm to him.

Things were tough for the child but the demon always made is sure that the child was never hurt. But hings were to change soon. The child, one fine day ran into someone who was tortured similarly to him, but that someone was not blessed with a demon like him.

The closeness grew between them; two broken hearts surprisingly fit into each others gaps perfectly. The child had never felt so safe with anyone else ever nor has the demon ever cared or protected anyone other than the child.

The child was super happy with his someone with the demon looking carefully over both. But the cruel world has to turn against the child again and take away his someone. The demon couldn’t protect the child as he didn’t know whom exactly to obliterate.

It took a couple of long months but the demon figured out who did wrong to the child. The demon was about to unleash hell upon the guilty but the child, broken already, asked the demon to stand down and let this one go.

With his hopes lost, the child wandered alone in wilderness. He could no longer keep his demon in control, though the demon did no harm to the just and good.

It took a while but the child ran into another someone, though no love was involved this time around, the bonding was deeper and stronger than ever. He wasn’t lonely now, he had someone who cared, someone who he could care for.

This new someone never let the child get lonely and her hugs kept the child’s heart from getting cold, kept it beating. Situations turned nice for the child, his demon too became calm.

But the child knew of the destruction his demon was capable of doing, which cannot be repaid for by him. The child was fearful that the demon would surely try to settle down the score with the world. For those who were guilty were never to be spared by his demon.

Aware about the hell the demon might unleash upon all the guilty; useless in the eyes of the child, he chained down his demon and locked him up in a cage. Over the coming years, things went good and bad. The world hurt the child over and over again. The demon, ferocious and enraged, could not wipe out the guilty. He was helplessly chained down.

Every time the child got hurt, he ran to his someone new for shelter. Hugs of this someone new used to make his pain go away. Her presence made the child feel safe again. The demon too had grown fond of this someone new.

Though chained down he was always ready. Ready in case someone tried to hurt this someone new. Ready to break out of the chains and burn down anyone who meant harm.

Through years her care and hugs had stopped the child himself from becoming a monster. Year turned and then came one where things changed, the world broke down entirely. One whole year when sorrow reigned. The child and his someone new were both hurt time and again by fate.

Her hugs has kept the demon from breaking out of the chains but he wasn’t calm anymore. He had turned darker and violent after seeing the child and his someone hurt so much.

The year went through very hard unlike any year before. Somehow the year was coming to an end with the child hoping things would go back to normal again.

Fate, however, decided to play devil now. Situations turned to worst from bad. Many close ones were taken away from the child. His someone new too was made to go far away by the fate.

The child hugged her for the last time and watched her leave while the demon howled in pain and anger. The child was left alone again in the city of broken hopes. That night the skies got cold and without her hugs, the child broke down in tears.

All lost, weak, in tears; he took the long walk down the hallway of past to where he had caged his demon. He stood there in silence with tears rolling down his eyes.

He looked up, all broken and weak while his demon stared back at him with tears in his eyes and a caring smile from inside the cage.

The child opened the cage, went in and hugged his demon and cried while he unchained him. The demon knew, it was him and the child now against fate. The demon was ready with no intentions of being merciful.

The night grew colder as the child and his demon walked out of the cage and back on to the streets of the city of broken hopes.

What beholds the coming days for the child, only fate knows. But the demon wont let any harm come to him this time around!



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