A Beauty beyond Illusions

An enchantress she is, an innocent child stuck in adult world; trying to fit in among a pretentious society of ungrateful misfits. A society that values appearance more than true beauty.

The cruel society made her insecure of her own inner beauty. They made her forget of her immaculate beauty and make her hide it behind the illusion of makeup. Over the years she got drowned in this world of ungrateful misfits.

She took pleasure in dressing up and putting up makeup just to be in a place she didn’t even belong.

However, the mirror, the very mirror she stood in front of everyday, knew how beautiful she was. It hurt him every single time when she sat in front of him to cover up her inner beauty with make up.

With each layer of make up put on, the mirror shed a thousand tears. The mirror always was with her; laughing when she laughed, crying when she cried. And yet it was the pretentious society that had her attention.

The mirror knew her eyes, beyond that mascara and fancy lenses, were so beautifully mystic that anyone could drown themselves in those depths.

Those lips of her, bellow the cover of lipstick and gloss, were sweeter than honey from where no harsh words ever came.

Those cheeks of hers, bellow layers of ivory foundation, so breathtakingly delicate even to put roses to shame.

She never knew her messed up curly hair cradles her beauty way more than those reckless straightened hair.

Those uncomfortable heavy clothes which she thought made her look pretty only hid her heart and soul inside. A soul so pure to put Shushienea to shame, a heart so gentle to make feathers think again. (P.S. – Shushienea is the Angel of Purity)

But the crown jewel of her beauty was for sure her smile; a smile like a star fading away into darkness of a fake society. This broke the mirror in many places; none where cracks appeared.

He stood there in silence while she sat in front of him hiding her true beauty behind the illusion again.

Unfortunately though, the mirror couldn’t shout nor speak or whisper nor creak.

Of her timeless and boundless beauty, he could only wish she knew. He hopes she knew!


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