I Loved her back then.

Time changes many things but our love for the person who means us the world. People look at her today and think I had someone priceless with me back then. Though true, they see the present and not the past where the whole truth lies. Whatever she is today is everything that she wasn’t back then when i was with her.

Though a million times better than what she was according to the world, now she isn’t the person i once loved. People look at her and tell me that they now understand why I’m in love with her and unable to move on.

Sad part is that they actually don’t understand as to why exactly i fell for her, why exactly am I still stuck on her. Even I admit that she today has become someone she always wanted to be; but i miss the old her more.

Every time someone tells me how beautiful she is I always feel how its just the appearance of hers that enchants them. A rare few know what she is from within. And trust me she’s way prettier than what she appears to be.

It was this beauty of hers that trapped my heart unknowingly. It was that girl from the past that I still am madly in love with.

Back then she wasn’t famous as such. A few classmates and two close friends was all she had. Today she has so many friends, so many followers on instagram and many more likes on facebook. But this isn’t the girl i fell for.

Back then she was this cutest nobody i came across. A smile i could die for and her level of cuteness got overloaded cause of her fluffiness. The world never took a notice of this beauty the way i did. Maybe this was why she was trying so hard to fit in. And today? Well, boys drool over how hot she has become. They admire her for her beauty and hotness. But this isn’t the girl i fell for.

Back then she was this huge mess who used to panic before exams and mostly always used to screw up. And now she seems all in control of everything. Strong, organized, courageous; someone who rarely worries. But this isn’t the girl i fell for.

Back then she had this child inside of her; talking rubbish, acting stupid, fighting and how do I forget those sweet witty taunts of hers. Time changed her so much, she’s so understanding now, so mature and full of wisdom. But this isn’t the girl i fell for.

Back then she was an innocent soul trying to understand why the world wasn’t the way they used to tell in stories. Well, the same girl today understands this cruel world so well and knows how to survive in it. But this isn’t the girl I fell for.

People look at her today with such high regards. Everyone believes that this is the amazing girl who holds my heart captive even today. And why shouldn’t they! She’s nothing short of a miracle. But not the miracle that made each one of my heartbeat herrs.

People wonder how someone can get stuck in time, well this is how.

I loved her for every small weakness of hers. I loved her for all her flaws that complemented my own. Yeah, she was broken back then, but all her broken pieces fit in to mine so perfectly. That is what made my love for her flawless.

At present she surely is someone more desirable than whom she was back then. But she still will never be the girl i once fell for!




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