Driven by Pain

Most of you out there wonder why a few poets and writers touch your soul with words like no one else can. Some write ups can connect so well emotionally; way better than people.

These write ups are drenched emotions drowning in a writer’s tears. You ask how we write so good? The answer is simple; pain!

Every creation of ours has countless nights of insomnia, brief moments of breathlessness, many more instances of throat ache due to holding back on tears and a constant feeling of emptiness in chest.

You need to be broken inside so that your pain can flow into your verses and touches others’ souls. Being gifted with this art is very tough for a writer. It’s like trading away your happiness to fill your words with magic.

At one moment you wish to end up your existence and the other you end up penning down a masterpiece.It’s addictive, the pain; the only emotions many of us writers have known. Deeper the pain, more depth will the write up carry.

It is very hard to resist pain for a writer. Its the only thing which can make their creations timeless. Frustration kicks in if we aren’t able to write good or write at all. The fear of losing the writer within is scarier than anything we’ve ever known.

Many of us have lost that writer within due to lack of pain. Perhaps that is why we writers are self harming. Perhaps this is why we crave pain so much that we act in ways to get people to hurt us.

Beauty of a write up is similar to that of a starry night. It only gets better as we move away from all, as the darkness steps in for the stars to sparkle with even more grace.

And why do we writers prefer fountain pens? We relate to how ink flows onto paper the way our emotions flow into our verses.

We bleed emotions onto the paper in form of our words. However, the flow of emotions has to be correct else there will either be no words visible or the words might get blotted to the readers’ souls.

The shade of emotions flowing onto a paper usually depends upon the pain behind it. Deeper the pain, richer the shades of emotions. Emotions without pain is similar to writing with water on paper; useless!

Perhaps this is why we writers crave pain. And we never write for fame but for the magic we create is something which makes us fell better in more ways than one.

There’s a beauty in loneliness, heartbreaks and betrayals that only a writer can understand. It surely is stupid but perhaps this is how it was meant to be for our creed.

Quality of a write up is felt; you can’t grade a write up based on grammar or vocabulary. So next time you come across a self destructive writer who craves pain, don’t ask them why they are the way they are.

Honestly, we have no idea to as why we are so. Perhaps this is the curse we have to live with. Perhaps this is the price we pay for creating those magical moments you lose yourself in.



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