No Confession Please!

What would you do

Even if you knew

After all these years

That i still love you

Your world will be shaken

And my heart mistaken

Whose promises for granted

By you were once taken

A brief moment of guilt

Then you’ll act like a jilt

Once you clearly see past

The deceptions I buit

Wont ask you to stay 

Luck surely wont sway

Hearts distanced apart are

Perhaps better thay way

You wont claim your crown

So my love wont drown

Dragged away to a death

Beneath the hell and down

No reasons for stress

It was already a mess

So why bother you at all

Knowing you can care less

A truth behind my smile

Hidden all this while

With no intentions to tell

Is surely my true style

Attachments still strong

Inspite of your wrongs

So be unaware and just

Hope this love lives long 

Jilt – a woman who casts away her lover without any feelings.


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