Lost Promises

The sun was setting slow on another one of the years in his life. Last day of another years without her, he spent. He sat on the edge of a cliff staring straight into the eyes of the sun.

On lookers thought he was there to take a leap forward and end his existence. No one knew that he was already dead. Nothing could kill him more than her absence.

With no one who could understand him, helplessly in peril he wandered for years. His search had come to an end a few years back. He ran into two souls, who though didn’t understand him,listened to him all the while he talked.

The sun during the day, the moon in the night. Two souls who talked back to him while no one was looking at them. People thought he was insane but no one knew how lonely humanity used to make him feel.

With no one to call family besides some blood related strangers; the moon and the sun were two closes souls to something known as family he had.

He talked to them both, day in and day out, all through the calm cold night. He talked to them about his lost love. About that only person who once made him feel alive, feel happy. The only person who ever left him, never to return.

That evening while the sun was setting, he was about to tell the favourite part of their story. Those moments which he ha stolen from time itself because fate stole her from him.

He cherished their memories more than he ever cherished having her when she was his. Cause unlike her, her memories were never to leave him and be someone else’s.

The sun had heard this part of their story many times but with each time he retold it, he recollected small details absent during the last time. It was like he went back in time, relived those moments and came back to tell a new story never heard before.

The sun was always excited to hear him talk about her. There was this blissfully colourful smile of his that bloomed when he talked of her. Perhaps there was something mystically  magical about her that no one in this living realm had.

Perhaps, that is why he was stuck so deep in her memories that he couldn’t leave even if he wanted to. And rightly so, why would he? She was the one who made him smile so effortlessly and cheerfully even in her absence.

But this time it was different, his voice seemed heavy today when he started out with his story. Though there was a smile on his face, there was a sparkle of sorrow in his eyes. As he kept telling his story, the sun noticed something which made him worry. The magic in his smile seemed to have faded away.

Though he spoke with same passion and intensity, something felt different this time along. Perhaps he had collected something from the past memories that brought in this change in him.

It was already past time by which the sun had to set but his concern made him wait while the moon too came along. The moon all astonished as to why the sun had stayed past his time went ahead to ask him of it. As he was about to ask, he caught a glimpse of the boy; one look was enough to tell him that something wasn’t right.

That moment was something never seen before by anyone. The sun and the moon were together up in the sky. Day at one end of the sky and night at the other while the stars peaked through the dusk in between the two.

He seated on the cliff bellow the stars floating in an ocean of purple magenta dusk, with the sun on his left and moon to the right.

The moon and sun both could notice the heaviness in his voice clearly. He had surely brought back something devastating from the past. The story ended as the moon and sun wondered what was to happen next.

He had retold the story again but with a few more details; however though he stopped, both moon and sun knew that he was to tell something he had never mentioned before. Perhaps it was about that devastating something he got back along from the past.

He looked down and said, “I had almost forgotten about one thing from those old days; one thing that was so important and was still lost in time till now.”

They could clearly notice the pain in his throat due to holding back on his tears through his words. His voice was bickering as he went breathless in those moments as he tried to speak with heaviness in his heart.

When his words were framing statements, his voice had a questioning vibe to it. His heart had accepted what had happened but his mind was trying to reason with logic and love as to why what happened had happened.

His heart was beating slow at peace but his shallow breathes gave a hint of restlessness. He still had a smile on his face but the sparkle in his eyes finally overflowed. Time almost stopped as tears slipped down his cheeks and fell onto the ground.

He stood up with all his strength looking up to the moon and sun. His eyes overflowing with sparkle and a smile as always he had on his face.

“I brought them back with me; those vows we took, those promises we made to each other. I wondered why I was stuck here, perhaps I was honouring my vows and promises about whom i had almost forgotten.”

He smiled again while looking down and the looked up again, “I found those lost promises but it seems i lost myself back in past.’ were the last words he could speak.

He stood there smiling back at moon and sun. He wasn’t going to break down in that moment but nothing was to stop the sun, moon and sky from breaking down. The skies torn, it rained. The moon hugged him with rain drops while the sun hugged him with his warmth.

The sun filled the moon’s rain with a sparkle bright enough to light up the sky. It seemed as if the stars were coming down to hug him and comfort him.

There is beauty in every devastation, company in loneliness but no honour in lost promises.




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