Why the sun sets

Fights between two lovers are very common. They rarely last long when love is true and bonds are strong. One such day the earth and sun had a fight, the sun all angry left earth and started to rise and leave.

Earth stood there as she couldn’t move being broken by seeing the sun leave. She stood still with tears in her eyes watching him go away. With a heavy heart fearing that she might lose him, she called out at him.

The sun looked back and saw the tears in her eyes and peril on her face. He wanted to leave but, he knew she needed him. Their attachments pulled him back while affection drenched his heart heavy.

And he went back slowly in her arms, the one place he belonged in. Drowning in her love as she hugged him never to let him go this far again.

They did fight even after this, but the sun never went too far and long. He drowned in her arms every time; back to the person who is his and only his to be!


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