Empty Streets of Nostalgia

It had almost been a decade since the day they parted. A few thousand days is near eternity in today’s world of love and relationship and eternity it was for him to spend so many days without her, which he did without hesitation.

God knows why he still had that smile which she gave him back then. Perhaps that was the only thing she didn’t take back from him while leaving. A parting gift that was to be his, forever!

He wandered all around the year trying to reach someplace where he might feel like at home again. Weirdly so; he returned back to the same place every year in the months of bitter cold.

The same bitter cold place where something bloomed magically in the past. One place where miracles weren’t rare. A place where he still felt at home, a place where he planted his heart after she gave it up.

He never took his heart back after she left. He had given it to her along with his forever, it was all her to be. But that wasn’t something that brought him back to that place. It was the warmth of their memories that made him feel at home, that got him back there every time.

He would stroll down those same streets, through that same gate over that old sidewalk which led to the ground while reliving all those moments he had spent with her. It felt so warm; it felt so like home, as if this was the very place where he belonged.

Nothing had changed over the years; the trees, the sidewalks, the gardens, the corridors and his love for her were still the same. The only thing that had changed over the years was her, but she still was the girl he once loved and the only girl he would ever come to love.

The gods knew this and so did the world; the only person unaware of this fact was her. He was selfish; selfish for keeping this fact a secret, that all the love he had, he gave it to her which she wasn’t even aware of. Which was the way he preferred it to be, no one really knows why; perhaps not even him.

The world talks of his smile and the glitter in his eyes when he speaks of her. There was a promise visible in his smile of keeping his words and honoring his forever to her which he gave. Perhaps a flower of unconditional love had bloomed in present where nothing ever really grows other than stress, pain and insecurity.

A lunatic he was to the world who could not be reasoned with logic and sense. What he felt was more important to him, what his heart spoke of was more sacred to him. What the world spoke of him never bothered him; their words lacked emotions. And the things that couldn’t be felt weren’t perceived by him.

He only knew of one thing; it felt good to be hers, it felt at home at the place where it all began and ended. He knew he couldn’t explain this to anyone as he himself didn’t know what it was, he just felt good and that was it; which was all that mattered to him.

He would wander around preaching love and planting hope in weakened hearts and by the start of the cold days he would set out on a journey to return to the place where it felt like home. A place not far from where she lived.

But this time around it was different. The winds whispered it to him that she was to leave for a faraway land to chase her dreams. He wasn’t sure of how it was going to feel now though it already got a bit empty inside and the breeze got colder.

He walked down the same streets, through the same gate over the same sidewalk to the ground where they used to meet. It was warm there even though it were the cold days with the sun rays embracing him. But it had started to get cold inside, somewhere where it actually mattered.

He looked around and there they were; still together cherishing love in the moments he had stolen from time. The smile she gave him and the hug he never got, were all there; right in front of him. And yet it had already started to feel empty inside.

He wasn’t sure if the air had gotten heavier or his breaths got shallower, but it certainly felt as if he was at some unknown place. The warmth had stared to fade away although the sun was up shining bright.

The place which once made him feel at home had lost its bit of comforting vibe. It seemed as if he somehow got lost in a place he knew better than any other.

Nothing had changed, everything was still the same and at its place and somehow it all still felt different to him. All those moments he still cherished were right where they should be and still couldn’t make him feel at home.

Perhaps it was her; perhaps it was all tied down to her. Now that she had gone, so had the place which made him feel like home. He looked up towards the sky wondering where to go now. He took that same sidewalk through that same gate and walked down those same streets of nostalgia which were now empty.

The world isn’t sure of where he went to after that or what exactly happened to him; but they’re sure of one thing that he still is madly in love with her!


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