A Tryst Missed

Music Festivals weren’t exactly his thing as he enjoyed music but in solitude and not along with so many others. Yet, somehow he found his way to NH7 Weekender along with a few audiophile friends of his.

There was good music and beautiful faces everywhere though only music caught his attention. The sun was drowning and along with it were people in the lush tunes of various artists playing at different stages.

He ran into many friends while drifting from one stage to other. So many new smiles he came across but none magical enough for him to crush on.

One song in particular caught his attention. Maybe the tunes were mellow enough to resonate with his heartbeats. Or perhaps it were the vibes of someone’s presence around him that made the tunes more captivating.

Though tiring, it was indeed a good day for someone who wandered way out of his comfort zones. Perhaps Music Festivals aren’t so bad he thought.

Once back home he went on to social media to upload a picture of today’s adventure just to stumble upon another post in his feed. It was that one smile that his heart cherished; a smile drenched in cheerfulness, magical indeed!

And now it made sense to him as to why that one particular song felt so nice to him. It wasn’t the artist’s tunes but her presence that plucked the strings of his heart.

“So she too was there today. Damn! That smile still takes my breath away,” he went in his head. “If I could just run into her somehow tomorrow, even a casual hi would be enough,” he hoped.

That one smile put his heart’s playlist of love songs on shuffle and he was left in a reunion with lyrics of his memories. Well, he never knew that those lyrics were never lost to time; just kept away to be sung some other day.

The next day was of course a bit special for him. While on the surface he seemed calm, inside the tides of excitement, bliss and impatience raged.

The entire time his eyes erratically searched for her amidst a rough sea of people swaying to the winds of uplifting choruses. It had been sometime since long lost teenage love had stepped onto the centre stage to strike all the right chords.

The day dropped down along with his hopes of running into her and acting as if a coincidence just to tell her how beautiful she’ll always be.

Wasn’t long before he made way to the stage where Dualist Inquiry was to perform. Sure enough did the artist’s tunes fuel up his hopes of seeing her again as he danced to those soothing beats.

“The next song is for all the couples, hold your lover in your arms” the artist announced.

“Oh no, not just yet. Wait for god’s sake! I know she’s here, wait till I find her,” he went in his mind as he was thrown into chaos he wasn’t expecting.

Dualist Inquiry managed to mix up his emotions way better than he mixed the sound tracks. “Come on guys, look down into her eyes and tell her how much you love her, tell her how much she means to you!” the artist went on while he desperately tried to find her among all those couples lost staring in each other’s eyes.

The lights went out as the beat dropped and he looked up to the sky with stars in his eyes while cursing the artist. He danced though his arms empty, under cold December skies but still with a big smile on his face as he looked down.

Even though they didn’t meet, she still managed to leave him a big smile on his face; just like the old times!


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