Hey fellow readers and writers. I’m Meghraj Gore, currently pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from MIT-SOM College Pune. I’m a final year student who started out into writing through poetry back in the 8th grade. Was terrible at it in the beginning, but the time changed things and I became better at manifesting my thoughts into poetry.

Initially i was bad at expressing effectively but with my vocabulary growing and a better understanding of emotions things got better. The best part was when people who read my poetry began to relate to it easily and felt as if the word actually touched their hearts. That’s what kept me going back in the day.

With time i started storytelling through ballads. That took my poetry to a whole different level altogether. Most of us feel that we don’t really belong in this world of present. Poetry helps me escape this reality, so im sharing it with you all. Lets escape this reality together!