Eternally Bound

December of 2019 it was in the city of Love; Paris. There hadn’t been any snowfall in the city for 4 days now. But it was enough cold for warm hearts to seek shelter in someone else’s arms. Wrapped in the affection of love was where the hearts bloomed even in this frigid cold. There … More Eternally Bound

Steal You Away

A special girl, now part of the crowd Carrying along her dreams in a shroud Crushed by the burden of her wrongs Wished to be freed from her bonds   Kept my distance, watched over you Had my fair share of bad days too All that went wrong was just a test Trust me girl … More Steal You Away

A Secret Let Out

Everyone believes their love is real Show it off to a world that’s cruel Bad days come, they give up fast Go on to complain; love never lasts   Honestly the world doesn’t really care Its better for them to just be unaware Some figured it, some already knew This is one story from those … More A Secret Let Out

A Tryst Missed

Music Festivals weren’t exactly his thing as he enjoyed music but in solitude and not along with so many others. Yet, somehow he found his way to NH7 Weekender along with a few audiophile friends of his. There was good music and beautiful faces everywhere though only music caught his attention. The sun was drowning … More A Tryst Missed

Why the sun sets

Fights between two lovers are very common. They rarely last long when love is true and bonds are strong. One such day the earth and sun had a fight, the sun all angry left earth and started to rise and leave. Earth stood there as she couldn’t move being broken by seeing the sun leave. … More Why the sun sets

Lost Promises

The sun was setting slow on another one of the years in his life. Last day of another years without her, he spent. He sat on the edge of a cliff staring straight into the eyes of the sun. On lookers thought he was there to take a leap forward and end his existence. No … More Lost Promises